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Acrysof Toric logo Treat your astigmatism at the same time of your cataract surgery!
The proven performance of AcrySof® IQ Toric IOLs provides cataract treatment and astigmatism correction in a single procedure. Featuring exceptional rotational stability and the greatest correction range available, more patients than ever can attain crisp, clear distance vision with reduced dependence on glasses with the AcrySof® IQ Toric IOL!
Correcting Cataracts and Astigmatism in One Procedure

The AcrySof® IQ Toric IOL is an ideal solution for patients with both cataracts and astigmatism. Astigmatism is a common condition that can result in the blurring of your vision, whether looking near or far, while cataracts develop as you age and cloud your vision.

This can affect everyday activities such as writing, using a smartphone or driving. Astigmatism usually occurs when the cornea or lens is misshapen and, if you have astigmatism, chances are you already wear glasses or contact lenses to correct the problem.

The AcrySof® IQ Toric IOL is designed to replace your clouded lens while also correcting your astigmatism in one step. This can significantly improve your functional vision for activities such as night driving. 1The AcrySof® IQ Toric IOL can greatly reduce, or even eliminate, your need to wear glasses for sharp distance vision, though you will likely still need glasses for reading.
Quality of Life: A Smart Investment

Because traditional IOLs that are not astigmatism correcting are generally covered by private health insurance or Medicare, many patients believe that choosing a basic IOL will save them money.

If you have astigmatism, you may experience blurred and distorted vision because a traditional IOL cannot correct pre-existing astigmatism.

In clinical trials, the majority of patients with preoperative astigmatism achieved freedom from glasses for distance vision when the AcrySof® IQ Toric IOL was implanted in both eyes.
The AcrySof® IQ Toric IOL can also often be a better bargain. The cost of astigmatism-correcting glasses or  contact lenses, disinfectant or cleaning materials and eye doctor appointments adds up over the years and can  eventually outweigh the cost of toric IOLs.

If your surgeon has determined that you have cataracts, ask if you are a candidate for AcrySof® IQ Toric IOLs and be  sure to weigh your options and consider the long-term benefits.
Acrysof Restore logo Treat cataracts and correct presbyopia during the procedure!
We provide a world of new vision for cataract refractive patients with the multifocal lens designed to treat cataracts and correct presbyopia during the procedure. Offering reduced dependence on glasses for all distances, AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® IOLs help you achieve your vision goals!
Experience the Freedom of Vision at All Distances

Imagine driving with more confidence. Or golfing without losing sight of the ball. From reading to playing tennis to playing bridge, you can experience clear vision at near, intermediate and far distances with the help of multifocal lenses.

When you opt for cataract surgery with multifocal lenses, such as the AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® family of lenses, you're opting for the opportunity for freedom from both cataracts and presbyopia, a condition that makes it difficult to focus on objects that are close to you as the lenses in your eyes lose flexibility with age.

Multifocal lenses can even help you reduce your dependency on glasses. In fact, four out of five AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® IOL recipients reported never wearing glasses after having the lens implanted in both eyes.1

It's important to note that while Medicare or private health insurance covers a portion of the costs of surgery and lenses for qualifying patients, some out-of-pocket expenses are associated with multifocal IOLs. But even so, more than 93 percent of patients who received AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® IOLs said they'd choose the same lens again2. It can also be helpful to ask if your surgeon offers payment plans.

Cataract Surgery Advancements

Laser-assisted cataract surgery offers you a personalized, precise alternative to traditional surgical methods and is
compatible with presbyopia-correcting lenses.
Enhancing Vision Through Aspheric Design

The AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® family of IOLs also reduces spherical aberration, enhancing clarity and image quality for recipients.

Spherical aberration with a spherical IOL
Positive spherical aberration occurs when light rays are over-refracted at the periphery of an optical structure, like a spherical IOL, resulting in a region of defocused light and decreased image quality.

Aspheric correction with AcrySof® IQ IOLs
The aspheric optic of AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® Multifocal IOLs correctly aligns light rays to compensate for positive corneal spherical aberration, providing improved vision quality.

Patented Apodization Technology

AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® Multifocal IOL's are an innovative cataract treatment because of a patented optical technology called apodization.

AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® Multifocal IOLs' apodized diffractive is designed to improve image quality and reduce visual disturbances by optimally distributing light to near and distance focal points, based on ambient lighting.

• In brightly lit conditions, light waves are sent simultaneously to near, distant and intermediate focal points, providing a full range of quality vision.
• In low-light conditions, light is gradually distributed to distant focal points as the pupil enlarges, achieving improved distance vision and reduced visual disturbances. That means, for example, improved vision of the road during nighttime drives.
Acrysof IQ Restore
Acrysof IQ Restore
Quality You Expect

Like all AcrySof® IQ lenses, AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® Multifocal IOLs also come with the benefits of:
Excellent Biomechanics
• Designed for stability and centration
• Design delivers excellent refractive predictability.
Optimal Biomaterials
• Bioadhesion to the capsular bag.
• UV and blue-light filtration.
Advanced Optics
• Aspheric design for image quality.
• Thin edge profile.
Crystalens is:
The first and only FDA-approved accommodating intraocular lens.
The only FDA approved intraocular lens that uses natural focusing ability.
The only FDA approved presbyopia correcting IOL for cataract patients
that provides a single focal point throughout a continuous range of vision


Crystalens was the first presbyopia correcting IOL introduced into the United States market. Crystalens addresses the limitations of standard monofocal IOLs and multifocal IOLs by providing the following advantages to patients:

Provides a Broad Range of Vision: Crystalens moves and changes shape using the eye's natural focusing mechanism, instead of remaining fixed and stationary within the eye. This movement, or accommodation, allows the eye to focus on objects across a broad range of distances to reduce or eliminate dependence on glasses. In particular, this accommodation provides significant advantages in addressing intermediate vision.  

Maintains Clarity of Vision: Unlike multifocal lenses, Crystalens directs all available light received by the eye to a single focal point, comparable to that of a healthy natural lens.


Patient Adjustment Not Required: Crystalens produces a single image consistent with normal vision, meaning patients do not need to neuroadapt to viewing multiple images. Patients also do not need to tolerate or adjust to high levels of halos and glare often associated with multifocal IOLs.


Crystalens is an accommodating intraocular lens that, unlike a standard IOL, can treat both a person's cataracts and presbyopia-loss of near and intermediate vision.


You probably noticed in your forties that you started to lose some of your up-close vision and had to start wearing reading glasses. talens not only treats your cataracts (a clouding or hardening of your lens), but can also reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses. It does so by recreating accommodation similar to your eye s natural lens. The unique crystalens can reduce or eliminate glasses for most activities including: reading a book, working on the computer, and driving a car.

Crystalens was modeled after the human eye.
Like the natural lens, it uses the eye muscle to flex and accommodate in order to focus on objects in the environment at all distances. crystalens dynamically adjusts to your visual needs.

Crystalens is designed to allow the optic, or the central circular part of the lens that you see through, to move back and forth as you constantly change focus on images around you. crystalens flexes as you focus your vision.

Few patients with crystalens have experienced problems with glare, halos and night vision. crystalens focuses only one image to the back of the eye, unlike a multifocal lens that projects multiple images, requiring your brain to adjust to the differences.

The effectiveness of Crystalens was proven in clinical trials:
• Patients implanted with a Crystalens (88.4%) could see better at all distances then patients with a standard IOL (35.9%).
• Most patients have continued to report excellent vision 7 years after implantation with Crystalens.
• More than 100,000 crystalens implants have been implanted worldwide, and that number is growing daily.
• Crystalens accommodates like the natural lens. After implantation of Crystalens, most patients will see brighter and clearer from distance, intermediate to near like they did when they were younger.

tecnis lens 
Today, for people who have cataracts and presbyopia, there is a procedure to remove the clouded natural lens of the eye and replace it with the advanced TECNIS® Multifocal Lens. This unique implantable lens is proven to provide excellent vision at all distances, under all lighting conditions - day and night. Only the advanced TECNIS Multifocal Lens enables you to see clearly at near, intermediate, and far distances without glasses in all light conditions.
Compare the 2 images below.      
In the first image, you can see the hands and tablet close up, the beach chair and umbrella at intermediate, as well as the beach and water in the distance - all clearly with the TECNIS Multifocal Lens     Now, compare the second image. This image below demonstrates what you might see with a monofocal lens. Although the intermediate and distance vision is clear, the the hands and tablet are now blurry.
tecnis lens     tecnis lens
tecnis   tecnis lens

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