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Nike MAXSIGHT� Sport-Tinted
Experience Life in High Definition.

Nike MAXSIGHT� Sport-Tinted
Nike MAXSIGHT Sport-tinted contact lenses are a revolutionary, fully tinted, soft contact lens that helps you see sport better. They provide athletes at all levels with the visual edge they�ve been looking for.

Tints filter out specific wavelengths of light to enhance visual detail
Better field of vision than with traditional glasses
Comfortable to wear
Filters out 95% of UVA/UVB rays
No distractions from dirty, wet, or fogged lenses
No distortion � the lenses rest right on the eye

Developed by Nike and Bausch & Lomb, Nike MAXSIGHT is a soft contact lens that eliminates glare and increases contrast. The two tints, grey-green and amber, are tuned to different sporting needs. Grey-green is for sports played in bright sunlight, where visual comfort is a concern, and amber, is for sports like tennis that require tracking a fast-moving ball.

Nike MAXSIGHT� Sport-Tinted Contact Lens (polymacon); the answer athletes have been looking for. The result of a partnership between Nike and Bausch & Lomb, Nike MAXSIGHT is a soft contact lens available in two glare-reducing tints. Its patented Light Architecture selectively filters specific wavelengths of light within the visual spectrum to enhance key elements in sport. The athlete gets crisp, clear vision without anything getting in their way.

Athletes will do anything for an advantage. They'll go to extremes for the tiniest increment of improvement. That's particularly true with vision, the most critical element in sport. Whether it's on the field, the track, the green or the court, athletes want comfort, less glare, enhanced contrast, reduced exposure to UVA and UVB radiation and options for all sports, including tennis and soccer.

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