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Catalys Laser Cataract Surgery The Next-generation Laser Cataract Surgery
FDA approved, CATALYS® brings both laser precision and computer-guided precision that features a state-of-the-art laser, advanced 3D imaging, and a plethora of other innovative features that allows us to customize your treatment for each individual's eye.

The CATALYS Precision Laser System is one of the most advanced laser systems for cataract surgery improved. Using the CATALYS System, your surgeon is able to perform all incisions in a more precise form, size and position.

The CATALYS System enables us to remove cataracts easily and with good tissue preservation. Using the sophisticated laser pattern scanning technology, we are able to reduce the lens nucleus to small grid-like patterned pieces, facilitating thereby the subsequent removal of the lens nucleus.

Using the CATALYS System, we can can perform cornea incisions to a high level of precision and accuracy. The pinpointed femtosecond laser impulses help achieve the desired size, form and position even in case of a circular opening of the lens capsule.
Catalys Laser Cataract Surgery
CATALYS Femtosecond Laser in cataract surgery Benefits
• Precise and safe treatment
• The 3D representation of your eye allows us to individually tailor a treatment plan to accommodate your specific needs.
• Customized Treatment: 3D Eye Imaging allows for unprecedented accuracy.
• Cuts (incisions) in precise form, size and position.
• Precise, circular opening of the lens capsule.
• Gentle removal of the clouded lens.
• Reduced treatment time and speedy recovery.
Depending on your pre-surgical eyesight and the desired result, our surgeon will tailor a treatment plan with the help of the CATALYS System which will involve the implementation of a high-precision laser incisions into the cornea and the implantation of a special intraocular lens/premium lens (e.g. a multifocal lens). This customized treatment may reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. 

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